Mind Body Soul reTREAT

On the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, immersed in wildlife and nature…

September 3-12, 2021

We are Anthony, Kayla and Juan 💛🌿

We are coming together to create the ultimate experience for you in the pristine jungle of Costa Rica. This retreat will focus on mindfulness, transformation & rejuvenation. Through dance, yoga, bootcamps, transformational coaching, Ayurveda, plant based food, cooking classes, Nature excursions and more!

Whats Included?

9 nights accommodation

Airport transfer

3 plant based meals a day

Daily yoga classes

Daily nature excursions to waterfalls, caves, hidden beaches & more

Partner dance workshops

Evening meditations

Mindfulness coaching

Ayurveda workshops

Cooking classes

& so much more!

Check out the space

Congo Bongo EcoVillage
Manzanillo, Costa Rica

Calling all…

Adventure seekers, open minded individuals, nature lovers, and those looking to learn something new. A person who looks to find the hidden gems when they travel. Wildlife, biodiversity. Someone looking for that extra hint of adventure in each day. Someone who loves to come home to fresh plant based food and wake up to the sounds of raw nature. You don’t need to be an advanced athlete, yogi or hiker but you need to be open to concepts of an active lifestyle and learning new things. Those seeking transformation.

Get to know US!


From Long Island, New York. Kayla studied exercise science and worked in the field of health and wellness in South Florida. After a few years she began to travel long term, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Australia and more. All the way sharing the passion of nutritional guidance and an active lifestyle.

During her time in Australia she began to facilitate workshops on Ayurvedic nutrition and self care.

In 2019 Kayla travelled to India to further her studies in Ayurveda and Yoga. She completed a program in Ayurveda & Panchakarma therapies.

Her passion for Ayurveda continues to grow as she provides Ayurvedic oil treatments for detoxification and longevity from the small town she resides in on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Also providing Balinese relaxation massage, a full body oil massage which incorporates shiatsu and Thai massage techniques to create the ultimate rejuvenation. Available to you throughout your 10 day stay.

Healthy lifestyle through Yoga, Ayurveda, massage and cooking are just a few passions she aspires to share with you during this transformational retreat!

What will you see from Kayla throughout your time with us?

  • Daily yoga and breathwork classes
  • Ayurveda workshops for nutrition, self care and how to incorporate it into your daily life
  • Ayurveda cooking classes with take home recipes for your unique mind & body
  • Evening meditations
  • Balinese oil massage


Who is Juan Calderon?

Juan is a coach, instructor, consultant, reTREAT facilitator & organizer. He has organized & run over 30 group reTREATs in the last 7 years in 6 continents. And now while living in Costa Rica he has hosted over 25 solo reTREATs and 3 group reTREATs since November 2020 when the Costa Rica international border opened up.

The themes of Juan’s retreats are also his highest passions and also his most studied skills: Dance, Nature, Life..Bucket List reTREATs. Here’s a little breakdown of each.

DANCE: Juan has studied partner dance for over 20 years. Specializing in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Brazilian Zouk, Cha-Cha-Cha, Merengue & Fusion. He studied with multiple gurus from around the world and as a result became an internationally sought after instructor. Among Juan’s Dance Credentials are his Instructional DVDs which sold in major international retail stores such as Walmart, Target and Barnes & Nobles to name a few.

NATURE: Juan has traveled to over 70 countries in the last 7 years. One of his main drives and areas of focus while traveling, is nature. He dives in deep, immersing himself into the nature of the place he’s at. Making friends with his animal neighbors in the wild and learning all about them out in the nature that surrounds him. Currently in Costa Rica, Juan has made friends with several Sloths in the wild jungle around him. He visits them daily and knows their secret hiding spots. As a result Juan has been able to show his guests the secret lives of these Sloths by learning their favorite trees and how to find them. All of Juan’s guests have been able to see Sloths up close and personal low on a tree or even crawling on the ground. Besides being a Sloth Whisperer, Juan is also an expert on secret beaches, caves, waterfalls, rock pools, cliffs, trails, and basically any type of natural “hidden gems”. Juan has a natural knack at finding them and then bringing people to also discover them.

LIFE: Living life to the fullest is one of Juan’s passions and mottos. To fulfill this intention, Juan studied with many masters, experts, gurus, coaches, teachers, scientists and even a few shamans. What did Juan study? He studied Neuroscience, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuroplasticity, Being Present in the Now, Mindfulness, Meditation, Breath Work, Creativity, Intuition, Intentionality, Goal Achievement, Life Coaching, Coaching for Personal Life, Coaching for Professional Life, Coaching for Relationships, Letting Go and/or Conquering Fears, Leveling Up, Natural Healing, Healing Trauma and his most passionate Life Skill: TRANSFORMATION.

Perhaps the word Transformation and/or Metamorphosis, is the best summary of Juan’s work. Whether you are looking for it in Dance in Nature or in Life…Juan teaches people how to transform into the highest version of themselves.


Who is Anthony Chaney?

Anthony’s Transformational journey begins in the Military. He served in the military for 16 yrs & 9 months. For 12 of those years Anthony was a medic. One of his passions was and is healing the body from pain, discomfort and injury which he was able to practice on a daily basis in this capacity. Part of his training was to obtain a Civilian EMT license in a 16 month long civilian EMS Paramedic Course.

Anthony is certified in BLS (Basic Life Support), PHTLS (Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support), ALS (Advanced Life Support), BTLS (Basic Trauma Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support), & Trauma-AIMS.

Anthony worked as Shift/Team leader at the General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital (GLWACH) in Missouri for 2 years, supervising civilian and military healthcare workers.

Served as NCOIC (Noncommissioned Officer in Charge) for GLWACH for 6 months.

Certified as Army Master Instructor and assigned NCOIC of the Ft. Leonard Wood Combat Lifesaver course which taught all new recruits basic life saving skills during Basic Training for 18 months.

NCOIC of the Camp Hovey Aid Station which supported care to over 15000 people.

Awarded the CMB (Combat Medical Badge) for actions while deployed

As a Master Instructor, Anthony gained a reputation among his peers/superiors as one who gets results. He quickly became the go-to guy for people who had difficulties with their fitness level.

This became Anthony’s new passion. To not only treat the sick and injured but to PREVENT sickness and injury by training the body.

He was in charge of the workouts for the unit’s Overweight Program and APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) failures. He tailored routines to fit each individual’s goal/weakness i.e. weight loss, strength gain, increase stamina, etc.

This new trajectory was pointing Anthony to a lifestyle change: The combination of a healthy mind with a healthy body through exercise and proper nutrition.

Mind Body & Soul…

After participating in and completing a “Daniel’s Fast”, which is a period devoid of animal products and preservatives, and inclusive of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, (7, 14, 21, then 40 days) there was an awakening within him, which ignited and fueled the next part of his journey. Plant based nutrition combined with physical fitness, meditation & movement.

5 years ago Anthony began creating what is now his staple discipline. It started with a lot of learning and experimenting, combining multiple disciplines such as Tibetan Buddhist Monk Meditation, Kemetic Yoga (Egyptian System of Yoga), Bodyweight/Resistance Training (using your own bodyweight for resistance instead of weights or machines) & Plant Based Cooking.

Nowadays Anthony invests a lot of his free time in what he lovingly calls the “laboratory”…basically the kitchen where he experiments with different herbs and spices, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables to create delicious & nutritious meals.

What will Anthony be offering during the reTREAT?

Anthony will be cooking our Plant Based Meals, teaching Cooking Classes and hosting physical fitness “Beach Bootcamps”.

When Anthony is in the kitchen we can call our meals MEDICINE.

*Refunds will not be issued within 14 days of the retreat

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