Discover your Dosha Quiz

This quiz is here to help you discover your unique mind body type or “dosha”. Follow the questions below keeping in mind how you NATURALLY are, without any makeup, medication or other outside factors. This quiz is designed to discover who are you from the moment you are born.
Most of all, have fun, learn about yourself and let this be the beginning of your journey into Ayurveda.
Use a paper and pen to keep track of each answer. Using a tally system for V, P, and K.

Vata- Tall or short and slim
Pitta- Medium
Kapha- Tall, big or plump

V- A lot and fast
P- Medium, selective
K- Less and slow

V- Prone to nightmares, stressful dreams, running or flying
P- Strong, realistic, conflicts, or adventurous
K- None or dreaming of water, peace and calm.

Response to challenges:
V- Uncertain, worried or indecisive
P- Angered, irritable or impatient
K- Clear, calm or stable decisions

V- Darker tones, prone to dryness or cracks
P- More pink, oily, or sensitive
K- More white, soft or smooth

V- Fast, light step
P- Moderate
K- Slow, heavy step

V- 7-8 hours, light, takes time to get up in the morning
P- 5-6 hours, deep, gets up immediately
K- 8+ hours, never enough sleep

Response to conflicts:
V- Avoid, non confrontational or run away
P- Resolve immediately, confrontational
K- Forgiving, loving or compassionate

V- Thin, dry, brittle, dark, or curly
P- Thin, oily, straight, light in color, or early greying/balding
K- Thick, wavy, not dry nor oily, or dark color

V- Small, deep set or prone to dryness
P- Medium, light sensitive or prone to redness
K- Big, almond shaped or prone to tearing

V- Short term, easily forgetful
P- Good short and long term but selective
K- Good long term, always remembers

V- Easily stressed
P- Strong
K- Relaxed

V- Hard to gain, easy to lose
P- Gaining and losing easily
K- Easy to gain, hard to lose

V- Stiff, prominent, or prone to cracking
P- Smooth, flexible or light
K- Strong, well hidden or heavy

V- Slim, small, shy, mostly healthy
P- Medium, open, mostly healthy
K- Chubby, quiet, frequent respiratory problems

Common issues or diseases:
V- Constipation, joint pain, dry skin, hypertension or insomnia
P- Acidity, skin problems, UTIs, or heart problems
K- Obesity, respiratory ailments, immune problems or diabetes

Vata is the elements of Air and Ether. Think wind, dry, cold, rough, mobile and light. Vata tends to be of slim body type maybe struggling to put on weight or muscle. Vata is often cold, especially in their fingers and toes. When vata is in balance they are creative, enthusiastic, easy going and free spirited. When out of balance they tend to overexert themselves and can become anxious, forgetful and frantic with their thoughts moving from one place to the next. Vata bodies can experience dryness as a first sign of imbalance. Dryness to the skin, hair, or bones, resulting in cracking joints or in the digestion as bloating, gas or constipation. The best way to balance Vata is to focus on grounding through food and lifestyle

Pitta is the elements of Fire and Water. Think fire, hot, intense, of strong smell and light. Pitta tends to be of medium body type, easily losing or gaining weight/muscle. Pittas are often hot, even in cold weather they tend to feel warm. When Pitta is in balance they are motivated, organized, intelligent and ambitious. When out of balance they tend towards anger, frustration, demanding or competitive nature. Pitta bodies can experience inflammation as a first sign of imbalance. This inflammation can show up on the skin, in the organs or in the digestion as high acidity or diarrhea. The best way to balance Pitta is to keep calm and cool through diet and lifestyle

Kapha is the elements of Earth and Water. Think earth, cool, stable, heavy, and smooth. Kapha tends to be of fuller body type, easily gaining weight/muscle. Kaphas are often cool in temperature and comfortable in most environments. When they are in balance they are nurturing, compassionate, patient and grounded. When out of balance they tend towards laziness, sluggishness, overeating or depression. Kapha bodies can experience weight gain as a first sign of imbalance. They are also prone to mucous in the body resulting in colds/flus, issues with sinuses or allergies. The best way to balance Kapha is to keep active and stimulated through diet and lifestyle.

For more information on how to balance your dosha, do not hesitate to reach out!

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