Finding Your Yoga

It is not easy to bring daily practices into our lives. When we think about the time we have in the morning it can be very limited. Sleep always seems to sound better than taking time for ourselves that will essentially enhance the rest of our day. If we know we are going to feel better than why do we struggle to bring this into our lives?

It is all about finding your yoga. Your practice that allows you to shut down the mind, focus on the present moment and never think about about somewhere else you need to be.

For some this Yoga, for others nature alone is there yoga.

For many of us we think of Yoga as a physical exercise; stretching, sweating, moving our bodies in all sorts of shapes in order to make ourselves feel good. What we don’t realize is that yoga looks different for everyone. Yoga by definition is anything we do for ourselves that makes us feel present. For some this takes the shape of art, painting, drawing. For others it may be hiking, gardening, bicycling, working on our car, cooking or even taking our dog for a walk. It is the thing we do in our day that puts us at ease, makes us feel productive but also relaxed because in that moment we feel the connection to our souls purpose.

My grandma practicing her “yoga”. She can spend hours a day no matter the weather out in her garden, giving her mind a rest of the daily stress of life.

Finding your  yoga is the answer to bringing a daily practice into your life. What brings you to life? What sets your soul on fire? Find that practice and do it. Find the time, everyday, because you have the time even when you think you don’t.

For others yoga is music, creating something new.

Understand that feeding your soul is going to bring yoga into all other aspects of your life. When we make the time for ourselves we are also making the time for patience, understanding, gratitude and these characteristics will show up in our relationships, our motivation, our career.

I invite you to take a moment now. Shut your eyes and think of that one activity that feels like effort but is actually your favorite thing to do. Think of this passion and go bring it to life. The time to start your daily practice is now.

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