Making an Ayurvedic meal from your leftovers

Leftovers make the world go round. We all know that and love to find some good leftovers in the fridge. Traditional Ayurveda however says no no to leftover food. Day old food is no longer fresh and is not optimal in digestion. What traditional Ayurveda lacked however, was a refrigerator. Refrigeration comes in pretty handy in keeping food fresh just a little bit longer.

We open the refrigerator door and find some cooked rice, a bit of saute vegetables and we think to ourselves how can I make this into a meal. Yet alone how can I make this into an Ayurvedic meal trying to satisfy the six tastes; sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent, and astringent.

While raw vegetables are generally only recommended towards a kapha diet a little bit of leafy greens can add some bitter tastes when served with rice and beans, a complete protein and in Ayurveda, considered of sweet and salty taste. Add your side of vegetables and some healthy fats to help our bodies absorb the maximum amount of nutrition from our veggies. Think of the term “fat soluble”. An avocado is great source of healthy fat and can fit into almost any recipe. Our veggies are often well spiced and so take care of our pungent tastes and lastly a squeeze of citrus on top gives that bit of astringent tastes at the end.

My last minute lunch fits all 6 tastes
  • Cooked rice and beans with black pepper and cumin
  • I used brown rice, black beans and avocado oil
  • Saute peppers and onions with garlic, cumin, fennel, and a pinch of turmeric.
  • Handful of arugula
  • Half sliced avocado
  • Lime juice from half a lime

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