Taking Ayurveda to go

Ayurveda doesn’t often link up with a mobile lifestyle. Personally I am a frequent traveler and I love travelling long term or moving to a new place. With that comes the need to keep up with healthy habits and routines. Here is my little guide to keeping Ayurveda with you as you travel.

Make your own spice blend to add to lunch and dinner dishes
If you are practicing Ayurveda you recognize a lot of the same healing spices in your food. So when your going on a vacation or out of town for a bit pack a little jar of your favorite spice blend
Make your own spice blend for breakfast dishes or sweet treats. This blend is also great for creating some internal heat if you live or vacation in a cold climate.
Bring a medley of seeds
Seeds are nutrient packed and a good source of protein on the go. They are a great addition to so many dishes!
You can also add chia or any others that you’ve got stocked in your pantry.
Tulsi is an ayurvedic herb native to India. It has an endless list of benefits some of which include natural energy, detoxification, regulating blood pressure, blood sugar and the treatment of fevers, coughs and flus. Grind it and mix it with some water and lemon to use as a facial cleanser.

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