Recognizing and balancing Kapha

Hey all! Let’s talk about the wonder of Kapha dosha. Kapha is the elements of earth and water. They are the structure that holds us all together, physically, mentally and emotionally. When we think of Kapha qualities we want to think cool, stable, thick, unctuous, steady, and smooth. Those who resonate with Kapha are usually on the thicker side, struggling to lose weight and easy to gain. They often have soft skin, strong bones and caring personalities.

When in balance Kaphas are nourishing, patient and warm human beings. They are the caretakers, the mothers, the good friend. We all need a Kapha best friend in our lives. They carry earth as their main element and so they give off a naturally grounded essence. They are very good at sticking to a routine, keeping up with work and planning for the future. At times Kaphas can be so grounded they can stay in one place for too long. They find a comfort zone and often struggle to break free. When out of balance Kapha is lazy, needy, emotional and prone to weight gain. They can often struggle with respiratory issues because from the chest up are the main parts of the body where Kapha resides, leading to excess mucous. It’s very important to stay on top of our Kapha nature because when left out of balance too long can lead to overeating, diabetes, obesity or depression.

Keeping an active lifestyle is the best way to balance out our earth element. Higher intensity hobbies such as bicycling, jogging, ashtanga or vinyasa yoga are all great places to start. Traveling is especially good for Kapha because it not only keeps them moving throughout the day but also stimulates the mind. Kapha can become too content staying still so it is important to stay engaged and motivated through friends, sports, or other stimulating activities. Try joining a dance class or kickboxing to balance out your Kapha side.

Food is our next balancing factor. Since Kapha is cool, thick and unctuous (oily) it’s best to aim towards food that is warm, light and on the drier side. Of course raw vegetables and salads are great when balancing Kapha. Not only are they light but also invigorating creating long lasting energy Kapha so desperately craves. Spices are also a great way to stimulate their slow, sluggish digestion. Spices aid in digestion and speed up the metabolism, adding cumin, fennel, black pepper or pretty much any other spice is going to fire up their slow system.

If you wake up feeling sluggish, slow or feel yourself leaning towards weight gain try to incorporate more raw vegetables and spices in your meals this week. Aim to get out and active at some point throughout your day and start planning your next holiday away! Your nourishing, loving Kapha side will thank you for it.

To learn more about ways to balance Kapha dosha please don’t hestitate to get in touch!

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