Recognizing and balancing Pitta

Pitta is our medium dosha, our middle ground and because most people identify with two doshas Pitta is often somewhere in the mix. Which means we can all relate to those pesky pitta imbalances.

The elements of fire and water dominate in Pitta and can often be the reason we feel hot, sweaty or a bit short fused some days. When in balance Pittas are motivated, direct, extremely intelligent with excellent memory and carry a strong ability to concentrate. They are the go getters of our world, the entrepreneurs, the speakers, and the decision makers. But Pitta is a tough cookie to crack, you do not want to come across them when they are out of balance. 🔥 Out of balance they are angry, frustrated, arrogant and self-centered. Not really the type of person you like to spend your lunch break with. That’s why it is soo important for us to keep our Pitta power under control.

Pitta rules our metabolism in our ability to digest not only food but also emotions. How we handle the outside factors that come at us throughout the day depends on our ability to keep our inner fire (pitta) in balance. The qualities of Pitta are hot, light, intense, liquid, of foul smell and sharp. As glorious as all that sounds some of these adjectives may not be part of your daily vocabulary. When we break it down and see how these adjectives actually describe symptoms we can recognise it all starts making sense.

  • Hot– high body temperature, acidic digestion, hot headed.
  • Light– light features, hair, eyes, skin.
  • Intense– direct, argumentative, confrontational, outspoken. Digestive fire is strong.
  • Liquid– often sweating, oily skin
  • Of foul smell– often sweating… And smelly. Toxins accumulating in the body
  • Sharp– sharp mind and memory, witty. Sharp vision.

When looking to balance out our inner fire the best thing to do is look for calm environments to surround yourself in. Go for non competitive sports like swimming, running or walking and pastimes such as kayaking, reading, gardening or yoga. Getting away from a busy lifestyle is so important in balancing Pitta.

As far as a diet to balance pitta we want an abundance of root vegetables, leafy greens and fruit. Letting the vegetables bring out a grounded side of Pitta with leafy greens and fruit to nourish and keep the digestive system cool. Avoiding nightshade vegetables as they contain higher levels of toxins and acidity that Pitta does not handle well. Increasing intake of antioxidants with different berries and decreasing the use of excess spice. Spices are used to speed up and often heat up the digestion to bring a bit of digestive aid. Pitta dosha contains plenty of digestive fire and doesn’t need much help in that department.

If you are feeling your Pitta energy is a bit high this week try to focus in on one activity that brings an extra essence of calm into your day. Stay away from any acidic food like tomatoes or citrus and limit the spice used in your food to help recover balance.

For more information on how to balance your specific mind body time, send me a message 🌸

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