Recognizing and balancing Vata

Where my Vatas at!? I’m talking about those people who always have 10 things on their to do list, who keep moving until they can’t move anymore and who no matter how hard they try they cannot remember what they went in the other room for.
Vata is the elements of air and ether and with that comes the qualities that make up this energy; cold, light, mobile, subtle, dry, rough and erratic. Let’s take a closer look as to how these qualities show up in those with Vata dominance or Vata imbalance.

  • Cold: Poor circulation, usually having cold hands and feet.
  • Light: Slim body type, easy to lose weight but when gaining weight shows first in face and belly.
  • Mobile: Very active, body is rarely still and the mind is often filled with many thoughts.
  • Subtle: Non confrontational, avoiding conflicts and often feeling worried, anxious or stressed.
  • Dry: Dry skin, hair and bones, resulting in cracking joints and colon resulting in constipation.
  • Rough: Curly unmanageable hair, irregular digestion
  • Erratic: Irregular habits, needs daily routine to be productive and easily getting bored.

These qualities help to define common issues or habits Vata is prone too. By recognizing them in yourself you can easily find ways to avoid them by practicing a Vata balancing lifestyle.
Implementing a morning routine and regular eating times help to create a sense of stability and grounding. This will help to slow erratic thoughts and over stimulating lifestyles. Vata’s often overexert themselves by running around and trying to get multiple things done at once. Taking rest and allowing the body and mind to calm is so important when looking to balance Vata energy.
Abhyanga; self oil massage is so so essential when it comes to Vata body type. Vata is prone to dryness in all parts of the body, inside and out. By taking 10 minutes out of your day for some specific self care we can stay on top of this dryness in our skin, joints and hair. Sesame oil is a great oil to reduce this cold, dry nature. It also helps to strengthen bones when heated and massaged into the joints. Abhyanga improves circulation, warms the body, strengthens bones and naturally moisturizes the skin. Not to mention calms the nervous system, improves immunity and reduces hypertension. Vata types should never skip a day of self oil massage because their bodies are basically drinking this moisture and can never get enough.
Try to bring these few tips into your life if you are experiencing any of these Vata tendencies and see how it improves your daily wellbeing.

Another way we can balance these Vata tendencies is through food. The best way to show our bodies we care is to nurture it with foods that give it exactly what it needs. Vata needs the opposite qualities than what they already possess. So if they are cold, dry, mobile and light, let’s give them foods that are warm, moist, grounding and dense. Well cooked root vegetables are the perfect example, by eating foods that grow underground we can find these grounding, stable and nurturing qualities Vata needs. Grains are also a great way to get these attributes and fruit. Fruit naturally sweet tastes offer a nourishing and building platform for the often weak Vata types.
Try implementing more sweet potato, beetroot or squash into your lunch or dinner over the next week. Grains are a great source of energy to add to your lunch and keep you moving through the afternoon. Try basmati rice, wild rice or quinoa to start. If you do feel hungry in the afternoon reach for some sweet fruits like mango, ripe bananas, berries or oranges to help find nourishment.
If you want more information on how to balance Vata through food and lifestyle practices, send me a message!

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  1. I totally agree! I am a Vata-Pitta type and all those things mentioned above have helped me a lot balancing my constitution. I also have some recipes and Ayurvedic tips on my website 🙂
    Keep on your work, Namaste

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